Welcome to Right to Play Inc.

Come discover what the Leaps and Bounds Playground is all about.

All children deserve a place to play, without fear, ridicule or frustration. Children with disabilities are often denied this pleasure. Right to Play, Inc., with your help, is making it possible for all children, with and without special needs, to play together.

We invite you to learn how our Leaps and Bounds Playground is serving children in the Shreveport Bossier area, and what you can do to help.  Come visit this special playground at 4100 Youree Dr., Shreveport, LA  71105.

RTP recognizes that the parents of children with disabilities are often fighting for proper medical care, education and accessibility for their children and do not have the time to fight for what may be considered a luxury, but in RTP?s opinion, is a basic right of all children. The right to play and interact with other children and a chance to forget their differences. Outdoor play is important for all children. Playgrounds build strength and confidence, and teach sharing and problem solving through interactions with the children and the world around them. By providing a safe outdoor play environment, RTP?s playground not only provides access to children in wheelchairs, but also provides sensory stimulation, quiet areas for children with autism, structures to improve balance, safe places for children with visual deficits, and above all, a playground that all children find inviting and fun.